Tips for Discussing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) With Your Partner.

Certainly, living with erectile dysfunction can complicate dating and romance. For many men who are suffering from ED, it could be humiliating hurdle and to some, they would rather avoid sex rather than sharing the issue with a new partner. But while erectile dysfunction medications become more and more popular, the erectile dysfunction stigma has started to decline and discussing it with partner has make it much easier.
A man called Steve Thompson from St. Louis, 57 strived for a long time with hardship of discussing his erectile dysfunction with partners. He said, it is embarrassing and in the single word, you get one shot and that is it. If you blow it, women will move on.

What Happen When Erectile Dysfunction Medications Fail?

– Do not wait until you are naked
Thompson discussed about his erectile dysfunction when it is obvious that a relationship is about to become sexual. He warns against waiting till you are both naked and allowing your partner find out on his or her own. He said, there is no feeling worse than being thrown out of the house of a woman or hotel room as a result of that fact that it does not work.
– Tell her you are working on it
Another thing that can help lessen the blow is to explain what you are doing to correct your erectile dysfunction. Thompson buttress it that women like the idea that you are doing something to fix the problem.
No matter how shy or blameful you feel in this kind of situation, it is very important to do everything possible to seek your doctor’s advice because in this situation, you cannot make personal prescription because there are numerous over-the-counter drugs out there that keep promising to put an end to all your sexual problem but at the end of the day, they have nothing to offer. In order not to injure your relationship, the urgent attention of your doctor is needed. His or her intervention will go a long way.

How to Manage Erectile Dysfunction

The treatment options of erectile dysfunction include:
– sexual counselling in case there is no organic causes
– oral prescriptions
– injected, implanted or topically applied medications
– external vacuum and constriction devices
– surgery
Many patients suffering from erectile dysfunction also have heart disease thus; the treatment of erectile dysfunction in these patients must take cardiovascular risks into consideration. According to an adage which says “Prevention is better than cure,” it is advisable to seek doctor’s advice on what and what to do in order to get over this sexual issue and henceforth avoid anything that can cause it to repeat itself again.