The Best Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction Victims

For men dealing with impotence, there are options beyond Viagra and its pharmaceutical drugs. One of the options is Kegel exercises. This has become one of the acceptable methods of treating erectile dysfunction. If you or someone you know has been struggling with ED or impotence, a simple exercise could be helpful.

About Kegels

Kegel exercises were purposely designed so as to help women tackle bouts of urinary incontinence after delivery but just of recent, they have increased in popularity. These days, they are used in treating varieties of conditions. Kegels is highly recommended for both male and female as a treatment for sexual problems. The recent survey carried out by Dr. Grace Dorey, a British doctor indicated that 75.5% of men that are suffering from impotence have improved after thorough practicing of Kegels. They have reduced to 40% being fully cured.

How to Carry Out Kegel Exercises

If you want to carry out Kegel exercises, try to locate the suitable muscles. When next you are using the restroom, make sure you stop your flow of urine midstream. The muscles you contract are the same muscles you will be flexing and strengthening by carrying out Kegels. Try to repeat stopping and starting of urine until you can comfortably locate the muscles. As soon as you are familiar with the muscles that are involved in Kegels, carry out the exercise. Lie on your back or sit on the edge of a chair and time yourself on the contractions to your breathing. Breath in deeply into your abdomen, relax all the muscles in and around your stomach and hips. Then exhale, tighten your Kegels muscles, draw them up to the body and hold the contraction all through your exhalation. Release immediately you start inhaling and you should feel the muscles descend to their original place. For you to start again, repeat this for five to ten times, practice once in the morning and repeat it again at night. If you can add the third practice session into the middle of the day, everything will be alright as you become increasingly able to contract the needed muscles on demand.

After some weeks of this training, you have to progress at least two times daily by adding extra reps or sets. This will take time to improve therefore progress slowly and add few additional reps or an extra set per session. Do not think that you will be able to solve this problem within a very short time. You should observe some measure to improve within 6 to 8 weeks. As this is not the fast fix got by taking medication, it is a long lasting solution that will not give you any side effect on your bank account or leave you solely on medication.