Sexless Relationship and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problems.

Erectile dysfunction can cause relationship problems. You need to know the reason why sex is very paramount in a relationship and how you can restart your sex life. As you are getting older, there is no doubt that your sex lives will be changing together with your bodies. For some couples, this could be a problem in the bedroom.

For instance, a woman in her 50s whose partner is suffering from erectile dysfunction will surely have problem in their sex lives. This could be carry over into the rest of their relationship. In most cases where women and erectile dysfunction are involved, the man feels ashamed to talk about this or go for help. He will rather pulls away from his partner while she in turn feels rejected and the relationship suffers. Everything will look uncomfortable hence, it is very important to share your problem about erectile dysfunction and get help for the good health of the man and the success of your relationship. Importance of Sex has a fundamental effect on your life in diverse ways:
– Offering a good workout: Sex will not only increases the heart rate but will encourage good blood circulation to the penis and help prevent cardiovascular decline.
– Relieving Stress: Oxytocin facilitates a sense of relaxation and decrease in feelings of general anxiety. It also encourages good sleep as well.
– Fostering Intimacy: Sex is glue in a relationship. In fact, oxytocin which is the bonding hormone is released when we reach orgasm and feel more attached.

The Difficulties of Erectile Dysfunction

Suffering from erectile dysfunction could be challenging. Men who develop erectile dysfunction feel terrible about themselves as men, they feel guilty that they no longer able to be what is called sexual provider for their partners. This is one of the important ways that men feel good about themselves in relationships. Women and erectile dysfunction can be complex even though many women are understanding, yet feel disappointed or frustrated physically and miss the intimacy emotionally. Women may feel responsible and guilty, concerned that they are doing something wrong or that their partner no longer finds them sexy. Some women fear erectile dysfunction is a sign that their partner is having sex with someone else. This is not the issue. On the other hand, some women who do not enjoy sex may even be relieved if their partner has erectile dysfunction.

Health Concerns and Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from emotional effect of erectile dysfunction, there could be physical concerns due to the fact that it can indicate a larger health issue. That is the reason why it is very important to seek the advice of a medical expert to know the cause.

ED Therapy

For most men, ED is treatable. The oral medications Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are highly effective in approximately two thirds of men and other treatment are available for men who do not respond to the pills including injections, implants and pumps. Almost all motivated men with ED can successfully have sex over and again after treatment.