Medicines of Blood Pressure That Will Not Result to ED.

Erectile dysfunction is also called ED or impotence. This is the inability to attain erection and maintain it so as to carry out sexual intercourse. Blood pressure medications or anti-hypertensive are made to purposely treat the people with pre-hypertension or hypertension. Pre-hypertension is a condition that is showing that the development of high blood pressure is possible while hypertension is already occurring of the high blood pressure. When a victim is treated for high blood pressure, the medication used can cause erectile dysfunction either because of the reduction in the blood flow to the penis or getting rid of the zinc in the body, which creates testosterone. Meanwhile, there are medications that do not lead to erectile dysfunction.

Beta-Blockers and Thiazide: Despite that thiazide diuretics and beta-blockers can cause erectile dysfunction by reducing the flow of blood into the penis, thereby blocking the nerve impulses that result to an erection and constrict the arteries to allow blood flow in, yet they do not for everyone. Diuretics may lead to the excessive flushing out of salt from the kidney and water build up via urine. When salt is flushed out, blood pressure is lowered. Beta-blockers are highly effective as they block hormones like adrenaline. With all these in place, the rate of heart beat becomes slow as the force of pumping decreases, blocks angiotensin II which is the hormone that comes from the two kidneys. By so doing; blood vessels relax and become broader to let the blood flow better.

– ACE Inhibitors: The medications of blood pressure that do not cause erectile dysfunction are referred to as ACE (Angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors. These medications slow or prevent the ACE from being active thereby slows or prevent s the hormone angiotensin II which is the [protein that causes constriction of the blood vessels from developing. The outcome is lower blood pressure due to the enlargement of the blood vessels. ACE inhibitors are highly effective to prevent kidney failure caused by the high blood pressure. Examples of ACE inhibitors are the medications with suffix ‘pril’ such as enalapril, captopril and benazepril.

– ARBs: This is angiotensin II receptor blockers that help to block the activity of angiotensin II. As a result, the blood vessels become wide and blood pressure is reduced. This kind of medication has the same effects with those of ACE inhibitors but is chosen when ACE inhibitors cannot be tolerated due to different health reasons.

– CCBs: This is also called calcium channel blockers used in treating high blood pressure without causing ED. As ACE inhibitors and CCBs are highly effective in reducing the blood pressure, CCBs do not have similar effects to prevent kidney failure that is found in ACE.

Other Medication Used in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Now that hypertension is controllable, the medications that help with erectile dysfunction such as Viagra and cialis will enhance a man to get and sustain erection. These medications are effective by causing relaxation and opening in the penile blood vessels. Meanwhile, you must be sexually aroused for the process occurrence.