How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction from a Hernia

Many men who are victims of hernia can also become impotent. A hernia is an abnormal protrusion that is commonly located in the abdominal wall. It can happen in other areas of the body also. Generally, patients are not aware that their bout with erectile dysfunction can be directly linked to a hernia condition and this could be treated as well.

Erectile Dysfunction and Hernia

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection and it is usually a symptom of a disease instead of a problem on its own. Unlike most hernias that can lead to impotence, an indirect inguinal hernia is a direct cause of erectile dysfunction. In this case, the hernia becomes strangulated and descends into the groin. Surgery releases the protrusion and prevents further damage from the strangulated hernia, thereby relieving impotence.

– Seek Medical Help

If surgery does not give erectile dysfunction relief, the medication taken for the treatment of the hernia could be the culprit. Stress and medication cause reduction in the blood circulation and induce temporary impotence in men. Medication prescribed such as Viagra helps to relieve this situation. This is the best thing you can do because doctor is in the best position to diagnose you for erectile dysfunction and know the best drug that can be used to treat it. Avoid prescribing for yourself or using the same mediation used by family and friend due to the fact that they have had such experience before. Make sure you visit a doctor who will counsel you rightly and give you good prescription that suits your erectile dysfunction.

– Use of Vacuum Constriction Device

This kind of device is an acrylic cylinder that is placed at the end of the penis. The band on the pump is placed at the other end and a vacuum is created causing the penis to become erect. The pump creates the erection and the band maintains it.

– Try Alternative Treatments

Nutritional supplements includes vitamin C, zinc and flaxseed meal. All these help to improve erectile dysfunction. Eating herbs such as ginseng can also help in recovery from impotence. Acupuncture tackles erectile dysfunction targeted treatment of blood vessels.

– Therapy

Stress from medication, illness, surgery or having hernia can lead to erection issues. Psychotherapy reduces stress and allows normal sexual function restoration.

– Daily Exercise

You cannot ignore the effect of daily exercise in your life or lifestyle because there are lots of things you can derive or benefit from this. Daily exercise include jogging, walking, going to gym and many more will always enhance your body system and as well improve your blood circulation.