How Confidential Is Erectile Dysfunction Among Couples?

Majority of the couples feel uncomfortable to discuss erectile dysfunction and this act can bring more harm to a relationship. To talk about erectile e dysfunction could be embarrassing even when discussing with soul-mate or partner. A therapist and the director of MenAlive, Jed Diamond said that they are all generally reluctant to talk about sensitive issues and sexuality because erectile dysfunction is very personal. One thing about this problem is that both men and women always personalize erectile dysfunction and make it about them but sexuality and problems with erections are not something to be ashamed of or something to judge. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to attain or sustain an erection that is enough for sexual activity. It can be as a result of a physical condition such as cardiovascular disease that causes restricted blood flow to the penis, medication adverse effects, injury or psychological factors.
Erectile dysfunction could be a symptom that there is something seriously wrong somewhere in your body. According to Jed Diamond, he said “If you have problem with blood circulation to your penis, other parts of the body may also be affected.” This could mean that your nerve has been damaged by diabetes. In a study that was published in the journal Circulation, men that have erectile dysfunction were at higher risk for heart attack, stroke or death more than men that did not have. Therefore, try to go for medical check-up and examine yourself if you are healthy.

Joseph Alukal, MD, director of reproductive health and benign diseases of the prostate and an assistant professor in the departments of obstetrics and gynecology and urology at NYU Langone Medical Center in new York City said that anyone that has physical problem that can lead to erectile dysfunction should make sure he treat it. One reason why men do not talk about erectile dysfunction is that they do not believe there is available help. The stigma of erectile dysfunction has lifted somewhat because of the advent and availability of drugs such as Viagra used in treating erectile dysfunction. It is a treatable condition. These drugs encouraged men to get up off the couch and talk to their doctor rather than keeping the problem to themselves.

How To Get Over the Embarrassment

Despite that male sexual health is more open for discussion, it is still not always easy to bring it up. The reason is that men will tell you that they struggled for years and it took forever to decide to talk to someone about the issue. Some men have become more comfortable to discuss erectile dysfunction with their partner but it is not out there because it is still very private and confidential. There are some psychological components to erectile dysfunction and at times, ED could be absolutely psychological. Secrets result to distancing and more secrets. Seek the help and talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction will revitalize your sex life and as well preserve your relationship.