How Can You Prevent and Treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction that is also called ED is the repeated inability to achieve or maintain an erection enough for sexual intercourse. Despite that erectile dysfunction is likely to happen with age and increasing 15% in men above 65, yet it is not an inevitable part of aging. ED is often known as impotence and can be prevented and at times treated failed. If ED is left untreated, it can erode the quality of your life and that of your partner.
But here are some helpful hints you can use to prevent and treat ED:

– A little known fact is that erectile dysfunction is very common and full of diabetes. Sincerely, diabetes is one of the leading causes of ED in most known cases. It is possible to reduce your risk of developing ED, prevent it from getting worst and safely treat it effectively by treating your diabetes first.

– Do not be embarrassed
Many men who are suffering from ED feel embarrassed to share their sexual problem with anyone. Erectile dysfunction is very common more than you can think. About 80% of men who are diabetic patients develop erectile dysfunction when compared to 22% of men that are not diabetic. To talk to doctor before the occurrence of the sexual issue can help you delay or prevent ED.

– Do Not be Deceived By Your Age
Erectile dysfunction frequently develop after age 65 meanwhile, in men with diabetes, it occurs earlier around 10 or 15 years averagely. But men in their early 30s and younger who are diabetic do experience erectile dysfunction.

– Take matters Into Your Own Hands
You can do this by learning how to control the level of your blood sugar. Good blood sugar control can help to prevent the nerve and blood vessel complications that could result to ED.

– Stop Smoking
Smoking and other tobacco usually cause blood vessels to narrow and contributes to the blockages which result to ED. There are millions of reasons why you need to stop smoking.

– Change Your Lifestyle
Try to live healthy lifestyle with good choices. By losing excess weight and increase your daily exercise can help you regain your sexual function without the use of any traditional medication.
If you make good changes in your lifestyle with healthy living and psychotherapy and find out that they do not work, then it is advisable to consider injections or treatments to your ED. Oral treatments such as Viagra help to improve the sexual stimulation response. Drug injected into the penis can cause engorgement with blood to mimic the reaction of an erection. Just give it a trial and surely it will convince you.