Does Erectile Dysfunction Mean Heart Attack Risk?

A lot in heart is diverted to sex life but the two (heart and sex) can be connected in more ways than you can think of. Just of recent, research has connected erectile dysfunction to some amazing health conditions such as periodontis and restless legs syndrome. While these researches stay a bit murky, there is a health link that must not be ignored; the connection between the heart disease and erectile dysfunction.

Those men who experience just mild erectile dysfunction always have nearly 25% greater risk of heart disease including stroke and heart attack when compared to their peers. This is to let you know that for some men, erectile dysfunction is a stronger predictor of heart disease risk than any family history, high levels of cholesterol or smoking. The more severe your erectile dysfunction is, the higher your cardiovascular risk.

The Link Between Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction

According to a purely physiological standpoint of view, the heart health and the penis function are highly related. When the endothelium in these blood vessels does not respond very well to the nitric oxide release, then blood will not flow into organs which include the penis. In other words, the complex chemical process which is behind your erection can be tampered with if the vascular or blood vessel system is not working effectively. Atherosclerosis which is the build up of plaque in your blood vessels can as well increase ED risk as it reduces the blood flow all round the body. To make the problem complex the more, the penis is made up of much smaller blood vessels when compared to the ones that used to carry blood to the heart and the brain. This is the reason why men that have early heart disease can have the effect initially from their penis before getting to the larger blood vessels.

Erectile Dysfunction and Hypertension

With time, hypertension damages your blood vessels and lead to erectile dysfunction. As it is very critical to get high blood pressure under control, erectile dysfunction is a side effect of some blood pressure control medications for some men.

Many medications have erectile dysfunction as an adverse effect but high blood pressure drugs are very worst. Meanwhile, one does not have to endure this kind of side effect. All you need is share with your urologist about medications that will combat erectile dysfunction without having any effect on your blood pressure medications. Therefore, always listen to your body and your penis. The reality is that erectile dysfunction is more common as men age but do not assume that your erectile dysfunction is age-related. By talking to your doctor on this issue, this will help you get your heart disease to control while there is still time to make necessary lifestyle changes to preserve your health maximally.