Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction – Compare this two problems.

According to various studies on diabetes and erectile dysfunction, it has been confirmed that there is a relation between erectile dysfunction and Type II diabetes. But the actual diabetes treatment could reduce the opportunity to have impotence problem.

Sincerely speaking, diabetes doubles or triples the assurance that you will have erectile dysfunction (ED) and that one can develop it in ten years before when compare to other men. To be realistic, the two conditions are so related to the extent that some experts believe that for men below 45, impotence or erectile dysfunction can be an early warning sign of diabetes. The good news in this case is that diabetes therapy most especially if you discover Type II diabetes early; it can also ease erectile dysfunction.

Comparison between Erectile Dysfunction and Type II Diabetes

When first look at it; you will see that it is not too obvious the reason why high blood sugar level can result to erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, the relationship cannot be denied. Between 20% and 75% of men suffering from diabetes are erectile dysfunction found. The issue is that uncontrolled high blood sugar can damage the blood vessels, either big or small all through the body system. The penis’s blood vessels are already very tiny; hence when controlled diabetes begins to undermine your blood vessels, your penis can experience the effects early on.

Diabetes do affects more than the blood system as explained by Urologist Ajay Nehra who is the MD, professor of urology in Rochester that, “Diabetes also results in nerve dysfunction and in the penile shaft as the muscle eventually starts to atrophy and is replaced by scar tissue or collagen rather than smooth muscle. That’s the ultimate end result in men.” This scenario can damage all the tissues that support your penis if you do not get and keep your Diabetes under control. When you know that you are at the risk factors, this will help you to make the best health decisions. Those men who are most at risk for erectile dysfunction related to Type II diabetes:
– have high blood sugar level
– aware that they have diabetes but are not meeting the targets for their A1C or average glucose results.
– have high cholesterol
– have high blood pressure
– do not exercise
– smoke cigarettes
– are 40 years and above
– obese or overweight

How to Break the Erectile Dysfunction and Type II Diabetes Link

The fact that you have diabetes does not mean that you have to lie with erectile dysfunction. Having access to the right diabetes therapy will be helpful. Just follow these guidelines:
– Control Your Diabetes: The most imperative number you require to remain on top is your A1C. This is a blood test that allows you to know how well your blood sugar has been controlled for a long period of time. Changes in your lifestyle and medications could be helpful. Always remember that diabetes medications add nothing to your erectile dysfunction risk.
– Quit smoking
– Healthy Lifestyle: Eating balanced and nutritious diet coupled with enough exercise helps your erectile dysfunction and diabetes.
– Healthy Weight: If you are obese or overweight, try to lose small percentage of your body weight because this will control diabetes.
– Look for Erectile Dysfunction Therapy: There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction and this includes pills, vacuum pumps, injections and surgery. Talk to qualified urologist concerning what you can do to overcome erectile dysfunction as you are working on how to control diabetes.
– Control the Risk of cardiovascular: Follow your doctor’s advice to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol because these two contribute to erectile dysfunction.