Best Foods for Erectile Dysfunction Victims

The number of men affected by erectile dysfunction keeps increasing on daily basis according to the research carried out recently. But the increase in the use of prescription drugs such as Cialis and Viagra has drastically reduces its effect. Meanwhile, all pharmaceutical drugs do have their own side effects. All these drugs are too costly and can be a hassle. One has to take the pill prior sexual intercourse and this is another issue to remember on time. Dietary attitudes can be helpful to alleviate the side effects of erectile dysfunction more so that it can be used as alternative to pharmaceutical drugs taken.


This has been proven to contain huge quantity of citrulline. This is a phytonutrient which is helpful in relaxing blood vessels and allowing easy flow of blood to the penis. If you want to get good results from citrulline from watermelon, it is highly recommended that you do not refrigerate until you cut it. Also, if you want to benefit from it the more, make sure you save the rind of watermelon, run it through a juicer and drink just like that. The best advantage of citrulline resides in the rind.

Unprocessed Meats

Both dairy products and whole wheat products are very rich in zinc. Those men with erectile dysfunction have low levels of zinc in their bodies. Zinc is very essential to sexual health of a man for so many reasons namely enhancement of sperm mobility and boosting of testosterone. Depletion of zinc in men is normally caused by initial health problems such as diabetes, kidney diseases, liver problems and digestive diseases.


This is an excellent food that is helpful in curing erectile dysfunction even though one should probably keep a pack of breath mints on hand. Garlic increases the rate of production of hydrogen sulphide that help to relax the blood vessels and it is amazingly healthy for the heart. Also, it contains allicin which help to stimulate the flow of blood. With the relaxed arteries and suitable blood flow, the disappearance of erectile dysfunction is sure.


This is another food that will help you conquer erectile dysfunction as it is made up of arginine that helps the flow of blood to the penis. It boosts the nitric acid in the body and relaxes the muscles around the penis. Besides, it dilates the blood vessels and increases the blood flow. An undiluted version of arginine is found in Viagra which is the pharmaceutical poster child for erectile dysfunction therapy. If you are able to use all the above listed foods, you will surely overcome erectile dysfunction in no time because there is no room for forgetfulness of drug before sex. It would have been part of your diet.